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Time To Be Inspired

It’s fall in Naples, a time when the anticipation of the car carriers is in the air and when traffic starts picking up – although, having just returned from the Toronto International Film Festival, I can say with all honesty that Naples traffic, even at its worst, is still a walk in the park compared to the car-packed TO.

Now that we’re all travelling again, the inspiration for interior design is stronger than ever. A few of my clients are returning with creative requests, things like: “Jeffrey, can you replicate the watery-blue hues of these tiles I saw in the Algarve?” and “Jeffrey, we loved this wallpaper in the Ritz Hotel we stayed at in Istanbul.” While they’re not always easy requests, I have to admit that I love the challenge of them. What interior designer wouldn’t?

That’s the great thing about being a Naples interior designer – I have the best and most discerning clients in the world. Admittedly, I am not impartial but there is no place like Naples, Florida. Yes, I get to collaborate with incredibly talented architects, builders and artisans, but it’s the clients who truly inspire me and get my design ideas percolating.

For a recent home interior, I was able to create a Naples residence for Waterside Builders that’s brimming with high-impact chic. This is a vacation home only one block away from sundowners on the beach, but should the summer rains prevent that, I had a contingency. The home features a dedicated drinks lounge and for its design, I was inspired by the adage, “more is more.” I layered in a Papermint Paris mural with Thibaut grasscloth, glossy teal green cabinets with an artichoke chandelier and a leopard print rug…to name just a few of the high-impact elements. The mix is dynamic and reminds me of why I am so passionate about interior design.

With my own summer sojourns in the rearview mirror I'm reminded of how travel acts as a tonic. It’s both inspirational and soothing and I look forward in the months ahead to not only sharing some of my new interior design projects, but also another of my passions, travel (hello, Kenya!).

But back to Naples in the fall… The weather may not always be on our side, as evidenced by Hurricane Ian and my shellstone walkway in desperate need of a good power washing, but the energy is. People are returning and there’s a seasonal buzz starting up again. I’m looking forward to getting caught up with friends who escaped summer’s humidity and the energy that comes with everyone returning to their special place – for some reason, I always think Mr. Big Fish’s Oysters Rockefeller taste better after I’ve had to circle the bar a couple of times to be awarded a bar stool.

Naples never fails to inspire me and I look forward to sharing more bespoke projects with you very soon…




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